The Impact of Solidarity

Human organisation has never occurred in such large numbers. Communication infiltrates the globe as we further lengthen our our space on the time map. The human species has created a technology guided towards unprecedented communication and access to information; soon to possibly be embedded in our cellular biology. Solidarity is crucial for the survival of our species.

A particular mindset has evolved over centuries. Starting from high degrees of stratification ruled by religious ideologies, to a slightly less stratified aristocratic system, to the more recent; A system that appears to be less stratified over time while using unusual forms of consumerism to propel it. Consumerism is natural when it’s symbiotic with whatever it consumes. Unusual consumerism is when detrimental effects are the result and yet the consumption continues. As the world continues to be polarized between the haves and the have nots,  the cost of turning a blind eye to blind consumption is proving to take its affect. Unfortunately, we can not talk about the globe as a whole and speak as if the past was truly worse.

Anthropologists are uncertain about the degree of slavery during ancient Egypt, and only through induction do they make a conjecture. But even if this was the case, what evidence do have that they crossed the oceans to genocide cultures and maneuver their resources? Because this was necessary for following empires in the not too distant past. Only up until recently did we start to have noticeable affect on our environment.

Comforts come at a price just as the cost of technological advancement. However an important note to emphasize, is that virtually no country has a moral high-ground, but if anything, those countries who have profited most have a moral responsibility to share their advancements globally. Encouraging unawareness among humans for the soul purpose of economic viability is morally outrageous and a cancer to solidarity.

Humans are at an interesting stage in their evolution. There is a sense of awareness growing all over the world. Attitudes are shifting, and eventually this ‘awareness’ could be the catalyst for change.




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