Cult Survivor

Thank you so much for visiting my page. Readers like you are a huge inspiration for me to continue writing and pursuing my goals. This website is dedicated to you. I’m here to express my thoughts on life, discuss my struggles, and to explain my belief in practicing honesty, acceptance and Universal compassion. I am a musician, writer, and a traveller. You are more than welcome to live life as much as you want, vicariously, through mine.

You’re probably wondering why I chose cult survivor as the name for this website. Originally I had a lot of information discussing my background in a doomsday cult called the House of Yahweh. I grew up in this cult. I travelled from Michigan to Texas three times a year for 12 years. It was in a town called Clyde, Texas. Near Abilene, and basically in the middle of nowhere. The women wore burkas, sat on pads in public to keep them from becoming unclean. There were animal sacrifices, multiple marriages, and everyone gave a lot, if not most of their money to the leader, Yisrayl Hawkins, AKA Buffalo Bill Hawkins. He was known previously as an ex-cop who beat his wife. After I left, I continued to move around, but with my own intentions.

Please enjoy what you read.


Sometimes I take breaks from adding content to this site. If you feel that’s the case, then consider the potential for calm waters in my area, or perhaps a moment of word searching to describe my current state. Eventually, I will write about it.

-b salo

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