Sanders goes to playing party politics.

This is bullshit.

The only political contestant in history to create such large groups for his campaign speeches. The only grassroots political movement in my lifetime to be so successful. The only candidate in my lifetime to work so strongly against the largest corporations and banks, whose behaviour at best, is questionable. Bernie Sanders is making a big mistake by backing Hillary.

He’s called her out numerous times on avoiding questions, on her campaign financiers, as well as her political history. How could he possibly back her? Because Trump is such a threat? Such a bigger threat than her? No one has ever succeeded in any type of revolution by siding with the people they’ve tried to beat. Bernie Sanders will accomplish nothing standing at the side of Hillary. If Bernie insists on his ideals, he will be kept on the distant sidelines. It’s either that, or working with the establishment he claimed to be fighting against.

If Sanders really wanted to proved to the world that he’s a political revolutionary, he would be siding with Jill Stein, moving all of his supporters to her, and truly change the political atmosphere of nation for good. We’ve had Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Junior, all which have done nothing but perpetuated the military industrial complex, expanded the prison systems for privatized construction contracts, outsourced jobs and changed the definitions of poverty and unemployment for means of proof to the upper middle class that this country still is the best in the world. Meanwhile legislation continues to grow in complexity through expansion of the patriot act and laws that allow the DEA access to medical records. Don’t forget all of our mass shootings that happen annually. If Bernie worked with Jill Stein, it would be the biggest chance in history to have an independent president. Working together they could steal the votes of both the republican and democratic parties, Leaving the bigot deceiver and the bigot cowboy in the dust.

Disappointing doesn’t come close to my feelings about Bernie Sanders choosing to support Hillary out of the Fear of Trump becoming president. I’ve lost all faith in him, and I’ve pushed my attention to Ms. Stein. But for the few of those women who are voting for Hillary just because she’s female, do an hour of research and you’ll understand why Stein is a better candidate. I would have never have fathomed that Sanders would lay down and accept defeat so easily. Was he there just for a social experiment? To see how far disastrous polling situations could get? To study the affects of a truly politically-corporate media? Our country has crumbling infrastructure in every state, a failing prison institution, failing education and healthcare system, and a constant increase of questioning towards our government and corporations. Which main candidate will do anything about these things? Anyone who disagrees with these claims: You’re cognitively lazy, living in a world of illusion, perhaps financially privileged, and use comparisons to third-world countries to justify your micro-experienced claims; Because I’m saying this as a white male. And to be able to talk about all these problems, and not even mention the disadvantages that the African Americans face in our country, Please.

Sanders is making a big mistake. He’s exposed too much about the establishment to his followers to convince them to change their ideals and continue to support Hillary. He’s convinced them that she is almost as bad is Trump, and that regardless, she can’t be trusted.

I’ve chosen to not support Bernie on this principal. If he chooses to “stick to his guns” then he would likely support Jill Stein. However I would choose Rand Paul over Trump or Hillary any day, but not over Bernie or Jill. Not only do I think all the Sanders supporters would support Jill by means of Bernie, but even the republicans would vote for her, just out of the disgust for Hillary and Trump. It might happen any way. Besides, what has the DNC done for the democratic party? You’re telling me that because Trump seems so bad I should continue to support this non-democratic process of super delegates? You’re out of your mind if you think that’s rational. Or at least you’re buying into the fear that some media outlet is feeding you.

Again friends, I love all of you, regardless of who you vote for. Lets just try to choose a common goal that has the brightest future for everyone on the planet.

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