Lotus Flower

Change is a complicated subject, and a state that most of us are resistant to. I could almost argue that absolutely all of us are resistant to change, only looking at my own life and seeing my willingness and desire for such a constant, but yet still finding pillars of resistance in this quest.

If change truly is the only constant in the universe, then why do we hear people say “Nobody ever changes.” Or “hey, you haven’t changed a bit.” Or “They’re stuck in their old ways, they’ll never change.” Now on the other hand, those of us who are willing to change (and by willing I mean constantly focused) seem to find something on the other side that keeps us in our old state of behavior. For decades we knew that the universe was expanding, but we knew that gravity also held things together and brought matter together. But then we discovered dark energy, which is something that works in an opposite behavior towards gravity. When we observe nature in its course of evolution, it’s easy to see change is apparent everywhere. Rivers changing their bends, old trees dying creating room for newly introduced species down below. Mammals flying like swarms of bees, or an insect moth, visually inseparable from a hummingbird. All of these phenomena surround me, and only pushes me more to question that within me, that’s resistant to change.

Some people believe that a big event can change us; change us for good. And although I believe that to be true, I think it only exists with various types of psychosis, rather than a willing change. For me it’s behavioral, and me asking myself, which behaviors do I want to save, and which do I want deleted. Throughout our childhood, our parents (if we have them) hand us most of our behaviors. Some of these are good, and some of them are unnecessary. As we get older and interact with the rest of the world, society teaches us a little here and there, which ones we should hold on to. And then, if we actually make a decision for ourselves, on where we would like “to go” in this life, then we enter into a deeper realm and discern to a greater degree, what behaviors are necessary and not so. I see this more or less as fine-tuning our spiritual path.

Letting go of our stubbornness to change is the first step toward self-evolution. It’s choosing to change toward a way that we see fit, when we have even the slightest feeling of dissatisfaction with something about ourselves. Then through this journey we can discover hidden forces within ourselves that bring resistance to this change, and this seems to be where even a bigger journey begins.

For a while now, I’ve viewed my life as if it were a long string suspended in space with only one end. And at the beginning of my life, two fingers pinched one end of this string, and whipped it a few times. Now these forceful “whips” on my life string, sent waves through it, that where more or less very dynamic in my younger years, and as I got older, they seemed to start to pan out. This is what happens in physics, so how could my nature be much different?

I believe that there’s some of us who’ve had tremendously violent “whips” in our lives, and some who haven’t at all, and that’s fine. But for those of us who are on the extreme end of things, we need to learn how to balance out the sharp waves as we pan them out over time. And for mem, this is the metaphor of music, harmony and melody, and the polyphony of our lives.

When life gets really low, as a form of protection we find a way to counteract that energy, and this counteraction, is the life music we play around the wave (string) that’s already given to us. How beautifully we perform this action is how beautiful and balanced our resonance is within the universe. And the same happens when the wave is flipped, and life seems to bring us incredibly high. We need to be prudent with that as well, and learn how to accompany these melodies with beautiful and appropriate counterpoint as well. Because if we allow ourselves to get too close to the sun, we risk burning our skin.

Without balance, I see uncontrolled change. With balance, I see the opportunity for us to guide ourselves on our self-guided journey through our evolving lives. This is true individualism, and when using honesty and compassion as the foundation for all of this, we pose the potential for a diverse, but harmonious ecosystem for all of mankind.



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