In Loving Memory of my Mother

Seven days ago my mother entered her eternal rest.

If there was anyone in my family who encouraged us to be different, it was my mother. She taught us the joys of silliness, goofiness and laughter. I even remember one time in Toys “R” Us she grabbed a pogo stick off the shelf and started bouncing up and down in the middle of the aisle. I’ll never forget the feelings of humour, embarrassment and intriguement, all passing through my body at once. Yeah, she was that type of lady who was comfortable to burst out in a dance in the middle of well, anywhere. And not to mention, she was a people person. She could talk to just about anyone, and quickly become their friend.

My mom was a teacher, a wife, a sister, a friend of many and a mother of three. She indeed, left us all too early. We all certainly have our struggles in life, and so did my mother. However, it doesn’t change the fact that she did love all of those in her life, and that she did know, at her core, that they loved her as well.

Last night as I was laying in bed, I remembered when I was a little boy and my mother would lay next to me and gently touch my back with the soft tips of her fingers. Paralleling my spine she would send tingles throughout my body. Perhaps her greatest times of peace were when she was with her friends and family, and at the end of the day when she was preparing for bed.

I look back on my childhood through the eyes of a man, now. I wrote a book about my life in attempt to reach out to my mother, my father, and bring anyone close together that it could. Since I started writing that book, and in less than two years, I have become an orphan.  But I can do this strongly now knowing that everything that I have done since then, was out of forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. While looking back on my life, it was my mother who helped me get on this path. She helped teach me the importance of many principals that I hold dearly in my life.

As for all mothers, they love their children in the best way they know how. And this is how her children, her family, and her friends loved her; the best way they know how. And in the end, I believe this is the best kind of love.

And as for all those who have passed, may the less fortunate memories also pass, but may the good memories live with us throughout eternity.

I love you, mom. We all love you.

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