“If Yahweh tells you to murder, You Must Murder.”

This video was posted in 2009. I personally knew most of the names listed on this video, and can attest to a lot of the allegations being true. People who are out can rejoice. It will require a lot of time for some of us to heal the wounds that are a result of this group, but none-the-less, these wounds will heal. The scary part is that the group has shrunk significantly since I left over a decade ago. It is occupied by a majority of woman and children. Like in most extreme, polygamist doomsday cults, the young men are often pushed out, leaving the women to the leaders.

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  1. In the early renaissance Edmund Spencer, harkening back to an earlier age in his Fairie Queen had the Red Cross Knight (St. George) face off against three other nights in single combat. These knights were named Sans Loy (Without law), Sans Foy (Without Faith), and Sans Joy. He was prescient in his anticipation of our modern dilemma, wasn’t he? This is what we all face and what Brandon, despite the odds that have been stacked against him since his youth, has found a way to win out over. He lives a life within the laws of nature, God, and man. He believes in something larger than himself, a god known as compassion, and he finds happiness through his music, his travels and his friends. Godspeed, Brandon.

  2. Hi Brandon,
    I’ve been reading your blogs and urge you to continue writing. I empathize with what you’ve been through and, the recent loss of your father. Yes, we’re all on a journey and some times its rougher than others. I admire your strength and perseverance and what you’ve accomplished in life.

    We’re second cousins; your father and I were first cousins, his Dad and mine were brothers. I remember attending your high school graduation party at your mothers in Marquette.

    Anyway, I wish you the best and continued success. Take Care, Marie

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