Many talents, but Facebook isn’t one of them.

“I think about deleting my profile almost every other day.” I said out loud this morning, and I think now there exists an environment to properly motivate me to make the decision. So I made a post on Facebook claiming that I was committing myself to removing it.

Even though I have friends from a far distant past that Facebook allows me to keep in touch with, which is the main reason why I haven’t deleted it, all you need to do is Google my name, and you’ll quickly find a way to get a hold of me.

I just have too many interests. I’m a musician, I’m a teacher, I’m writer, I’m a craftsman, I’m a business man and I will also stop my bicycle on the side of the road to check someones vitals and talk with them until the ambulance shows up. If I were to take the amount of time I spent siphoning through half-hearted memes in search of useful content or true meaningful inspiration, I could be writing my own content or doing actual research that involves all of my hobbies.

I’m very thankful that I can say that my friends and I are not the egoist type who promote self illusions of materialistic beauty consisting of ab and bicep flexing at the gym, or the downward head-shots of makeup and ducklips with the toilet in the background. Because we’ve all seen that. However it goes deeper than that.

I feel it comes down to what I do to cure boredom, and I don’t think Facebooking should be come an acceptable solution to boredom; it’s too cheap. Keep in mind, I’m only saying this for me. If everyone deleted their profile, I might just keep mine.

Filling voids of boredom is a particular subject. For instance, if we drink alcohol out of boredom, it can lead to a physical dependency. No one wants that right? Of course, someone who drinks out of boredom, is just considered an alcoholic, and that’s bad. But we don’t think that way always about other forms “void-filling.”

Caffeine, cigarettes, drugs, pornography, shopping; I need to always ask myself what benefit does whatever I’m filling a void with actually have. And although I’m an avid coffee drinker, and not a smoker, drug user or into pornography, I do honestly question my frequent use of caffeine. I really want to spend more time asking myself what the benefits are of all my habits, and that if something could have more benefit, why not do that instead? Yes, facebook is just easy, and it’s easier then say reading through the NPR news feed. But once we get in the routine of things, it’s easier. Most people think I’m a little crazy for cycling as much as I do. Nearly 150km a week. I don’t have to cycle that much, but I’ve made a choice to always put myself in the situation of where I have to. And in the beginning, cycling through rush hour traffic with a time schedule in a city bigger than Chicago was stressful to think about. But now it’s not, and it simply is what it is.

This morning I made my coffee, picked up my phone and said, I’m going to read something else before I open up facebook. I clicked on my NPR app, looked through the news feed, and found interesting material to read. I was at the very least, as equally satisfied in the end. And then I said it again “I want to remove my profile.”

Anyone who needs to reach me, can. Google my name, it’s that easy. Anyone who wants to, please do. I would love to speak with you through texts, emails, or even better, a good ole’ phone conversation. I can call you, just send me your number. Then you can hear me, my thoughts, at the moment. I know it’s a little more work, a little less convenient, but I need to spend more time capitalizing on my talents and wishes.

I love you all.


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