San Rafael
This is a view from the mouth of San Rafael, one of the largest waterfalls in South America.
I was the most exhausted I had ever been up until this point in my life. I think my partner felt the same. She left tears on this Mountain.
This is a bowl of encebollado. It’s a fish, onion and potato soup more or less. It’s one of my favorite dishes in Ecuador. I could seriously, eat it everyday.
This is Tripe, a common dish in Ecuador. It’s basically grilled pig intestine. The clean out the bowels, and fry them. They’re a little chewy, but the Ecuadorians know how to cook them.
Pichincha. This is a view of the Andes mountains from Pichincha, a volcano residing right next to the city of Quito.
I was visiting a city occupied by snakes and monkeys. This was an anaconda hanging from a suspended piece of wood.
The Quechua make their own blow guns and use poisonous wooden darts to catch their prey. The blow gun requires a lot of air, but is more or less pretty lethal with the seasoned user.

I have deep sincere love for Ecuador. A series of rather bizarre events continue to bring me there. I have been there three times now, and I again, plan to return. The culture there is honest. The people are kind, and open. The landscape is incredible, and the food is among the best that I’ve had this far. 252881_739687728107_1181267_n 251378_741961032387_3603843_n 251048_741961760927_4798756_n 230995_725430489727_6504557_n 229587_725432171357_4855424_n 222425_725430819067_2034921_n 216463_717152688507_7034589_n 205813_717152194497_6381668_n

So what I have here is a series of pictures that I will continue to arrange and tell stories about. The first two pictures are of La Florista, a famous food market in Quito were they cook fish, chicken, pig intestines, and a few other things. The food is delicious, but be prepared for stomach cramps, if you’re a gringo with a weaker stomach than mine. My belly has been through a lot with my travels.

This picture is a view of the Andes Mountains taken from Pichincha. It’s about 15000 feet high.

I took a trip with my lover at the time, and we visited the Amazon. We took a boat down the Napal River, and ended up in a small town that was taken over by snakes and monkeys. The local Quechua were our guides, and they couldn’t have been more kind or welcoming. Below is where they let me use their blowgun. It shoots a small shard of wood or bamboo that’s wrapped in cotton. They dip it in poison before the shoot their prey.







This is another view of Quito from Pichincha. It’s a fairly large city.








This is a view of Montanita. A popular tourist spot. I broke some ribs here once, when I was learning how to surf. I will go back one day to ride the waves.
















The video below is of Tosagua, a town of about 40,000 people. One of the most impoverished areas of Ecuador.

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