Narcissism and the Art of Ignorance. - One of the most beautiful and simple things we can do in this life, is to simply observe. Observe to the fullest extent of our capacity. Our surroundings, our inner and outer selves; but most importantly, ourselves. Whatever experience we have, we must realize that how we perceive it, that perception is happening from within. … Continue reading Narcissism and the Art of Ignorance.
In Loving Memory of my Mother - Seven days ago my mother entered her eternal rest. If there was anyone in my family who encouraged us to be different, it was my mother. She taught us the joys of silliness, goofiness and laughter. I even remember one time in Toys “R” Us she grabbed a pogo stick off the shelf and started … Continue reading In Loving Memory of my Mother
Words of Love to my Grandmother - Tuesday morning at roughly 4:30am, I was awoken from a difficult dream. Someone I thought I knew appeared to be having chest or stomach discomfort. “Do I need to do CPR on this person?” Walking away from me, the person ended up downstairs in what seemed to be a large restaurant. Shortly after, I could … Continue reading Words of Love to my Grandmother
I Almost Ran - I didn’t catch myself in this behavior at first. In fact, I wrote a lot about accepting change almost two years ago. The notion of embracing uncertainty, accepting change as only natural in life. The idea for me then, was to always accept it with open arms. But then something happened. I would almost say … Continue reading I Almost Ran
Sanders goes to playing party politics. - This is bullshit. The only political contestant in history to create such large groups for his campaign speeches. The only grassroots political movement in my lifetime to be so successful. The only candidate in my lifetime to work so strongly against the largest corporations and banks, whose behaviour at best, is questionable. Bernie Sanders is … Continue reading Sanders goes to playing party politics.
The Impact of Solidarity - Human organisation has never occurred in such large numbers. Communication infiltrates the globe as we further lengthen our our space on the time map. The human species has created a technology guided towards unprecedented communication and access to information; soon to possibly be embedded in our cellular biology. Solidarity is crucial for the survival of … Continue reading The Impact of Solidarity
Drawbacks of Academia - I spent four years in the Northern Michigan University music program, practicing many hours a day, sleeping in my practice room on a hard tile floor, directly underneath the piano. I played Bach Fugues repetitively, obsessively, and sometimes it lead to the annoyances of others. Donald Grant, the highly conservative traditionalist even told me himself … Continue reading Drawbacks of Academia
One Day at a Time. - I wanted to delete facebook a long time ago, but I figured I could use it to make posts from my websites, keep in touch with old friends, and tell all my friends about my travels. It’s a good idea, but with that came sacrifices, and I couldn’t succumb to the thumb scrolling any longer. … Continue reading One Day at a Time.
Many talents, but Facebook isn’t one of them. - “I think about deleting my profile almost every other day.” I said out loud this morning, and I think now there exists an environment to properly motivate me to make the decision. So I made a post on Facebook claiming that I was committing myself to removing it. Even though I have friends from a … Continue reading Many talents, but Facebook isn’t one of them.
When a Craftsman gets a Brompton - It all started on a hot summer day in North Africa. I had spent a few days walking through the streets of Rabat and found myself in Fez with a special Danish couple. After a few mint teas and 8 hours spent sewing a few pieces of seat-belt webbing together I was in the beginning … Continue reading When a Craftsman gets a Brompton
My $.02 on Folding Bikes - “It’s a penny for your thoughts, but you have to put your two cents In.” -Steven Wright. I know a guy who’s interested in a Brompton, and because I’ve had three folding bikes and feel like talking about them, this short article is for the big “D.” My first folding bike was a 4 speed … Continue reading My $.02 on Folding Bikes
It’s been a year. - How long can mourning last? Months? A lifetime? I grew up thinking that a year should suffice in the case of a loved one. But for those who know what it’s like to have a life unjustly removed from this world, know the eternal weight that their chest carries. Today has been one year. What … Continue reading It’s been a year.
A Full Circle - After visiting many countries, countless cities and being submerged in several different languages, everything started to blend. I got tired of traveling, and I’m not afraid to admit it. It was six months after my father passed that I returned home to visit my friends and family. I again, couldn’t have anticipated what I was … Continue reading A Full Circle
Happy Birthday - “This is the last time I will be buying you a present for your birthday.. and this is the last time I will be acknowledging your birthday. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, and it doesn’t mean I won’t be buying presents for you anymore. But I can’t celebrate birthdays anymore. I don’t believe … Continue reading Happy Birthday
The Art of Happiness - Bouncing back toward the idea of choice; is building a house a choice? As in, if I just choose to have a house, is it all of a sudden there? Is painting a picture a choice? As in, if I choose for a picture to be there, does it simply appear? Is discovering the apex … Continue reading The Art of Happiness
Lotus Flower - Change is a complicated subject, and a state that most of us are resistant to. I could almost argue that absolutely all of us are resistant to change, only looking at my own life and seeing my willingness and desire for such a constant, but yet still finding pillars of resistance in this quest. If change truly is … Continue reading Lotus Flower
Just be Happy? - We’ve all heard it before, and probably in some very frustrating moments. Like choosing to be is just a simple choice. As if it’s just one door to open, instead of the other. And although this may be true and ethically responsible in some cases, it’s not the way I choose to look at things … Continue reading Just be Happy?
Alpar, a bus in Turkey to stay away from. - For the most part, my two week stay in Istanbul was a pleasant experience. Minus some of the worse bathrooms I’ve ever encountered and also what’s known as “Istanbul intestines.” The night that my partner and I decided to leave, we went to look for a train to take us to Sophia, but since the … Continue reading Alpar, a bus in Turkey to stay away from.
Do You Like Exotic? - I didn’t intend on coming to Turkey. In fact, I was encouraged to buy the ticket from Morocco, three days before I arrived in Istanbul. I actually never intended on going to Morocco, but somehow I ended up being there for almost a month. With no time or care to arrange a place to stay, … Continue reading Do You Like Exotic?
Conclusion - The whole purpose of writing this book was to function as a beacon for those who have been in any sort of similar situation. I remember my father showing me a picture of a lighthouse when I was a child. “You see that light coming out, that’s you, a beacon light. That’s what your name … Continue reading Conclusion
Travelling and the DIY’er - So my Shengen visa expired, causing me to leave Europe for 90 days before I can return. And trust me, I want to return. Every day that I spent in Madrid nourished a growing desire for me to be there. When I was in Texas taking care of the family issues, I couldn’t wait to … Continue reading Travelling and the DIY’er
Travelling with No Loss of Hope - I’ve been on the road so to speak for about 4 months now. I started this journey with purpose of writing my book, and documenting my travels the best that I could. Like any life endeavor, and I assure you that putting my life story into text is indeed, a life endeavor; anything unexpected can … Continue reading Travelling with No Loss of Hope
Chapter 8.8 It’s Almost Over - There are moments of shouts, screams and violent hollering of my own voice amplifying throughout my skull; as I continue my days in silence. I knew there wouldn’t be closure when found out that my father had died. Never for once did I think that the House of Yahweh would help provide any answer. At … Continue reading Chapter 8.8 It’s Almost Over
“If Yahweh tells you to murder, You Must Murder.” - This video was posted in 2009. I personally knew most of the names listed on this video, and can attest to a lot of the allegations being true. People who are out can rejoice. It will require a lot of time for some of us to heal the wounds that are a result of this group, … Continue reading “If Yahweh tells you to murder, You Must Murder.”
Being Happy - Many people have messaged me throughout this experience and have told me that they think I am brave, that I seem happy, and that they are happy for me. A lot of thought has gone into this, and I want to say that for the most part, my walk in life at this moment isn’t … Continue reading Being Happy
Chapter 8.7 An Interlude -   People always seem to end up telling me “You know, it’s a good thing you got out when you did.” Unfortunately this is very true, and it seems to have created potentially dangerous situations for many people. Rumours of domestic violence, extreme polygamy leading to wonders of how cruelly some young girls might be … Continue reading Chapter 8.7 An Interlude
Chapter 8.6 After the Burial - We go back to the hotel after running around, trying to find answers. We decided that, that was enough for the day. For me it definitely was. I needed to do something that would take my mind off things, and thankfully there was a friend in town that I was able to meet up with. … Continue reading Chapter 8.6 After the Burial

Life as a Lotus Flower